Monday, January 23, 2017

How to change weapon on Mass Effect 1?

During the first mission (eden prime) i had difficulty changing the weapon for the main character (commander shepard), i know that i have more than one weapons available, but i didn't know how to switch the weapon, i feel like i can only use pistol, while clearly i own other weapons such as assault rifle, shotgun and sniper rifle.

So this was my first problem with the game, i don't know how to switch the weapon, i didn't try to look help online, i want to figure it out my self, so i try many things but it didn't works, until i discover that i can change weapons by pressing and hold the 'LB' button on xbox 360 controller.

To change weapons on mass effect 1, simply press and hold 'LB' button (xbox 360) and then a screen will pop-up, and then use the 'L' or left stick to select the weapon and then press 'A' button to confirm. I found that not only you can change commander shepard weapon but also other player in your party as well.

Yes, on mass effect 1, you can change weapon for other party member, not just for commander shepard, after all this is a role playing game, so we should be able to change weapon as well as customize and upgrade the weapons.

Another thing i discover, is that on mass effect 1, you don't need to reload your weapon during combat, you can just shoot all day long without reloading, but the weapons on mass effect 1 can be over heat, when over heat you can't use the weapon, it won't fire.

You have to wait for the weapon to cool down, before you can use it again, so that's one thing to keep in mind, no reloading but there is a over heat issue, so watch out for the heat bar, try not to reach maximum, use fire and hide tactics.

And also i found that you can switch to another weapon quickly by pressing 'LB' button one time, so let's say you currently using shotgun and it's over heat, press the 'LB' button once, now you can use the other weapon that's not over heat, clever huh?

Oh yeah, one more thing, in case you didn't know, you can assign weapons for each character by pressing the start button on your xbox 360 controller and the select 'equipment'.


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