Monday, January 23, 2017

Playing Mass Effect for the first time in 2017

Mass Effect 1 Xbox 360

This month, january 2017, i started to play mass effect 1 for the first time ever in my whole life, mass effect 1 is role playing space shooter game that was released on 2007 for xbox 360, so that was like 10 years ago.

So far i really enjoy it, i love the voice acting, the story, the character, the space travel and all that, it's pretty amazing game, and i'm going to finish it hopefully in one or two months (i can't play games everyday, i have to go to work).

After i finish mass effect 1, i'm going to continue with mass effect 2 and then finally mass effect 3, i will play all three games on my xbox 360 console. This blog is about documenting my journey playing the game, just for fun.

Anyone else playing this game for the first time in 2017, or is it just me?


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